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Gov. Perry: It's Time for Texas to Take the Lead
in the Entertainment Industry

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today reiterated his request that the Texas Legislature allocate $60 million to fund the Texas Film Incentive Program in order to cultivate the state's entertainment industry to attract investment and create jobs for Texans. "The entertainment industry is an essential part of Texas' economy, bringing in more than $1.2 billion over the past ten years, but those numbers are declining," Gov. Perry said. "We want to create a sustainable program that not only attracts individual productions, but develops the skills, infrastructure, and culture that will give us a long term competitive edge in the industry."

The governor was joined by Sen. Bob Deuell and Rep. Dawnna Dukes, who have filed Senate Bill 605 and House Bill 873, respectively, in efforts to strengthen the state's film incentive program this session. Gov. Perry also emphasized the need to fortify the state's entertainment industry by ensuring that Texas graduates are prepared to enter the workforce as competitive animators, writers, actors and directors; maintaining quality production facilities; and ensuring Texas' economic climate continues to maximize the value of project investments. Texas has lost approximately 7,000 crew positions and $500 million in production spending to states with more competitive film incentives, such as New Mexico, whose feature film and television productions contributed $242 million to its state economy in 2008, and Louisiana, which earned $350 million in production in 2007.

Currently, about 25 percent of Texas-based film professionals are working in these states, some starting to relocate permanently. "Texas has been a player in the industry from its earliest days, and I'd put Texas storytellers, moviemakers, actors and crew members up against those from any other state," Gov. Perry said. "Sure, Texas has the prettiest locations, but we want producers to leave money on the table in other states and come here because the best crews, resources and opportunities are in Texas." For more information on Texas film incentives, please visit


The Lone Star Film Society is currently seeking an intern to help with all development initiatives. The Lone Star Film Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the moving image as an art form and to showcase the City of Fort Worth to the world. The Society accomplishes this mission through year-round presentation, education, and community collaboration. This includes an annual international film festival that is the leading event of its kind in North Texas.

Through partnerships with the leading institutions in the world class cultural community of Fort Worth as well as the educational institutions such as the Fort Worth Independent School District, TCU, and UTA, the Lone Star Film Society is one of the fastest growing cultural organizations in the city. Having already established a pedigree of film programming that has garnered international attention; the LSIFF is positioned to become one of the top film festivals in the United States.

Responsibilities for this position include working directly with our Development Manager in managing all aspects of the 2010 Capital Campaign including identifying and engaging prospects, creating and refining proposals, tracking relationships and solicitations through their development, fulfilling the film society's obligations to our sponsors and donors, and assisting in event planning as most events are considered fundraising opportunities. Interns are considered essential members of our team and must be able to take on critical tasks and be responsible for seeing them through to their execution. Applicants should be reliable, self-motivated, highly organized, and outgoing. Positions are non-paid, however, if accepted you will be part of building part of a world class cultural community. Experience in this position will be extremely beneficial to anyone looking to enter the non-profit world. If interested, please email you resume to to request an interview.