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(i)THE PREACHER'S DAUGHTER: Project Type: Independent HD Feature Production Company: PK Productions Shooting Location: Houston

Start Date: Sep 27, 2010 Shooting Schedule: 17 Days Producer(s): Jennifer Waldo and Adam Donaghey Director: Michelle Mower Writer(s): Michelle Mower Crew positions will be Paid & Unpaid. Resumes can be sent to:

(ii)BOOK OF BABYLON: Project Type: Independent HD Feature-Production Company: D7 Studios, Inc. -Shooting Location: Austin

Start Date: Oct 16, 2010 - Shooting Schedule: 41 Days - Producer(s): Tony Hobdy, Arik Renee Avila - Director: Arik Renee Avila / Writer(s): Arik Renee Avila / Production Coordinator: Julia Acord, Demitrius Pulido/ Crew positions will be Paid. Resumes can be sent to:

(iii)SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA:Project Type: Independent Feature- Production Company: Utopia Films, LLC - Shooting Location: Utopia, Fredericksburg

Start Date: Jul 29, 2010 , Shooting Schedule: 25 Days, Producer(s): Ken Herfurth, Phil Myers, Mark Mathis, Jason Berman, Susan Kirr - Director: Matthew Russell Writer(s): David Cook, Matthew Russell, Rob Levine - Production Manager: Susan Kirr - Production Coordinator: Caroline Connor - Crew positions will be Paid. Resumes can be sent to:

(iv)A SCHIZOPHRENIC LOVE STORY: Project Type: Independent Feature Production Company: Aristar Entertainment Shooting Location: Austin, San Antonio

Start Date: Jul 15, 2010 Shooting Schedule: 22 Days Producer(s): Derek Nixon Director: Glenn Levy Writer(s): Andrew Pozza Production Manager: Ann Patrie Casting Director: Andrew Aguilar Crew positions will be Paid, Deferred & Unpaid. Resumes can be sent to:


The Lone Star Film Society is currently seeking an intern to help with all development initiatives. The Lone Star Film Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the moving image as an art form and to showcase the City of Fort Worth to the world. The Society accomplishes this mission through year-round presentation, education, and community collaboration. This includes an annual international film festival that is the leading event of its kind in North Texas.

Through partnerships with the leading institutions in the world class cultural community of Fort Worth as well as the educational institutions such as the Fort Worth Independent School District, TCU, and UTA, the Lone Star Film Society is one of the fastest growing cultural organizations in the city. Having already established a pedigree of film programming that has garnered international attention; the LSIFF is positioned to become one of the top film festivals in the United States.

Responsibilities for this position include working directly with our Development Manager in managing all aspects of the 2010 Capital Campaign including identifying and engaging prospects, creating and refining proposals, tracking relationships and solicitations through their development, fulfilling the film society's obligations to our sponsors and donors, and assisting in event planning as most events are considered fundraising opportunities. Interns are considered essential members of our team and must be able to take on critical tasks and be responsible for seeing them through to their execution. Applicants should be reliable, self-motivated, highly organized, and outgoing. Positions are non-paid, however, if accepted you will be part of building part of a world class cultural community. Experience in this position will be extremely beneficial to anyone looking to enter the non-profit world. If interested, please email you resume to to request an interview.

(vi)NATIONALLY SYNDICATED COURT TV SHOW: Taping in Houston is accepting resumes and interviewing for the following positions immediately: ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS-previous court, reality show experience a plus. Must be able to work under tight deadlines, in a fast paced environment and multi task. Phone skills and attention to detail a plus. Creative Production Assistants-Will work with Producer teams and show guests. Must be detail oriented and work under pressure. Production experience helpful but not required. Please email resumes to

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