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{SCREENPLAY COMPETITION} Screenplay Categories: DRAMA (Historical, Western, Drama, Family, Romance, Horror, Thriller, etc.)COMEDY (Dark, Satirical, Slapstick, yadda, yadda, yadda)There are also TWO additional categories to enter. To be considered for either the Latitude Productions Award or the Sci-Fi Award you must have your screenplay entered in either the Drama or Comedy category. LATITUDE PRODUCTIONS AWARD (must be an adult-themed, character driven script with a budget under $10 million)SCI-FI AWARD (includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Surrealism, Myth/Legend and Fantastical Storytelling) Screenplay Postmarked Deadlines: First Postmarked Deadline MAY 15th ($40) Late Postmarked Deadline JUNE 1st ($50)

{TELEPLAY COMPETITION}This competition is open to spec scripts for any network or cable television show that is currently in production. Teleplay categories: DRAMA, SITCOM Teleplay Postmarked Deadline: JUNE 1st ($30) Winners will be announced at the 2010 Austin Film Festival & Screenwriters Conference held October 21-28, 2010.

{WHY YOU SHOULD ENTER}The competition offers benefits to all entrants, from the first round up: AFF puts your script in front of the right people. Semifinalist and Finalist scripts are evaluated directly by representatives from major production companies. From Warner Bros to Nickelodeon Movies to Whitelight Entertainment, AFF has consistently delivered judging at the highest level. These are the people you want reading your script.

~All entrants are eligible for discounts and specialty programs during the Austin Film Festival and Conference, and as your script advances you will receive additional benefits.

~All entrants advancing to the Second Round of judging are invited to participate in roundtables throughout the Conference and will receive reader's notes on their script at no extra charge.

~Semifinalists and Finalists will sit alongside agents, producers and top industry writers in a series of special panels during the 2010 Austin Film Festival and Conference.~All Semifinalist and Finalist scripts will be included in the 2010 Producers Book which is distributed to more than 300 managers, agents, producers and other industry professionals. Click here for a list of Success Stories from our Screenplay Competition.

2 Ways to Submit: ONLINE (requires additional $5 processing fee) - Quick and easy! MAIL Click here to submit today!{CONTACT} For more information contact Matt Dy at 1-800-310-3378 or {ARE YOU A FILMMAKER?}Austin Film Festival is also accepting 2010 film entries. Visit our website for more information.

Upcoming Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) Workshops: May 2nd, from 3 p.m. – 4:30 pm., FREE, Texas Filmmakers Production Fund Workshop at SWAMP located 1519 West Main, Houston, TX 77006, on how to apply for the Austin Film Society’s Texas Filmmakers Production Fund, RSVP by April 28th to On May 22nd – May 23rd is Join the Workshop For Actors. For all ages at Houston Community College, Spring Branch campus, by Oscar and Emmy nominated executive producer Laurence Andries, for further information and registration visit On May 29th is Doctoring Your Docs: Story Structure For Documentary at Talento Bilingue de Houston by Fernanda Rossi, guidelines you need to find solutions that are true to your documentary’s style, for further information and registration visit

Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival - Call for Entries Texas' preeminent disability film festival, Cinema Touching Disability, is announcing a call for submissions to its short film competition in conjunction with its seventh annual festival this fall.
The festival will be held October 15-16, 2010, at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Austin, Texas. Directors are encouraged to visit for instructions and entry form. Entry is free, and films must include disability in some way. Short films will be judged and selected in the Emerging Division for independent and collegiate level filmmakers and in the Scholastic Division for high school and middle school students. Official Selections will be announced October 1, and all finalists will be screened at the film festival.

Cinema Touching Disability is hosted by the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD), a 32 year-old non-profit disability advocacy organization with a reputation for influencing public policy for the benefit of Texans with disabilities. This unique film festival celebrates the art of disability visibility in film and illustrates how people with disabilities lead both ordinary and extraordinary lives. The film festival will showcase an array of disability-themed festivals, including feature length films, competition official selections and other shorts.

"Traditionally, films have depicted people with disabilities as being helpless, bitter or heroic. Even as recently as Avatar, the protagonist, Jake, aspires to regain the use of his legs and escape his wheelchair, playing up the commonly held stereotype that disabilities need to be fixed or cured," said CTD Executive Director Dennis Borel.

"Cinema Touching Disability is an opportunity for filmmakers to be truly creative and explode myths about people with disabilities, to portray them as humans and all that the human experience implies."

The Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival has earned numerous awards, including being honored with Media Awards from both the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities and the Austin Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities. For more information visit

The Lone Star International Film Festival is now accepting submissions for the 2010 Festival. Categories include narrative feature length, documentary feature length, short form, and animation. Submitters can go to for more details and official submission procedure.

GULF COAST FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL:Is announcing their call for entries of Films and Scripts. Late entries until June 4th, 2010. Sign up now and avoid the late fee. Entry forms and other information is on the website at

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